Thursday, May 24, 2012


AHH!! I can't hold back the excitement anymore!!

Well not us exactly, but Kurk Homes is building our home :]

Michael told me to wait till we were for sure, and now we are so I can tell all of you!

We have bought a lot and are in the process of making plans for the future Neisch residence.

Our home will be nestled into a woody .93 acre lot in south Magnolia.
Here are some street views of our future front yard!!

All I do now is dream about what our house will look like and how much the dogs are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE our new home/yard :] 

Now since the news is out there, I will update as things start to happen!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

We are MOVING!

That is right! Michael got a job and we are leaving College Station after almost 6 fun years!

Michael starts his new job as a Wetland Biologist on June 4th in the Katy area. About half of his work is in the field so he will not have to be in the office that much allowing us to live wherever we really want. We started looking at homes in Magnolia last weekend and we have decided we would really like to live in that area.

We are really excited about our new chapter we are starting in less than a month!!!