Tuesday, November 27, 2012

House Update!!

We are making progress on our house!! YAY!!
The past few weeks have been rain free - good for house building, bad for everyone else, so a lot has been done!

Here are pictures from the framing of the foundation.

We went out a few days later and they had done the plumbing and electrical!

I woke up super early on our first cold morning and watched the concrete get poured!! I could barley sleep the night before, I was so excited! Today our property went from a lot to a home! And it is so wonderful to say home now! It makes it so much more real!!

On our way out of town to Colorado before Thanksgiving we stopped to see the dried foundation! Michael had not seen it yet so he was very excited! It was so smooth and looked great! We can just picture what our stained concrete will look like!

The morning after we got home from Colorado we could not wait to go see the progress! It was so great to see how much had been done!

We walked into our home on Sunday! We were able to completely walk through each room and know exactly what it will be. Crazy to think we made about 40 different plans and finally decided on 1 and here it is! It is perfect for us!

I really wanted to go out and see the progress tonight, but Kurk Homes surprised me and added pictures of our house from today!! Lucky for Michael since I was bothering him like crazy to go out there tonight!

Tomorrow they start putting in the windows and Monday the roof goes on!! We are so excited for this step in our lives and are so glad we can share it with everyone!

I will do my best keeping everyone updated!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Oh Hey November!!

So maybe I fell out of the blogging world for the past few months, but I am hoping back in! 

Our house update!

The last time I blogged was the end of June and a lot has happened since then. 

Let me start off by saying this was a blessing! We were going to be closing on our original lot on Monday morning and this was Thursday night. About a week and half after my last post, Magnolia got about 20 inches of rain in 24 hours!! We decided to go out to the lot to see how the water ran off and to just see what the neighborhood would be like with all this rain. (After seeing Cypress go underwater we had to see what was in store for us) When we got there, we were devastated to say the least. The entire lot was underwater, like water up to mid calf! A FISH SWAM BY ME!! 

A few tears later and a yummy Mexican dinner we were begging to get out of this! And since this post goes on, we got out! We thank God for this as we would have been sick if we had started building and then got a rain like that and our house be underwater!! 

We found a new lot in the same neighborhood, but in a different section. It is bigger, WAY more trees, and a few houses down from the greatest park the dogs have ever seen! We have met our neighbors and they are very nice and super helpful already!

We cleared only the house site and driveway about 2 weeks ago and then got another good rain. But this time, the lot didn't hold any water and NO FISH luckily!! We brought in dirt for the pad and we are setting forms for the foundation today. Next week the concrete will be poured and this process officially starts!! YAY!

Since we only cleared the pad site and driveway, we have a jungle to get through ourselves! Michael has a friend who will be helping him underbrush the front and back yard. Thank goodness! The past two weekends we have spent cutting trees down, chopping wood, cutting vines out of trees, you name it and we are doing it! Thank you so much to his parents because we could not do it without them!! And I now know Michael's dad is a boss at the chainsaw!

The dogs love their yard. I call it a jungle, but I know soon it will be a great yard! They try to be helpful by pulling on vines that are at their level. Such great little helpers!

We took a break and went to the park and it was perfect! We had been sad about leaving Lake Bryan behind, but I know this will end up being great for them! Sadly I can not run out there, but the dogs can and that is a huge plus for us!

I will keep updating as things happen :]
I am so glad all of you can follow us in this fun process!!