Tuesday, November 27, 2012

House Update!!

We are making progress on our house!! YAY!!
The past few weeks have been rain free - good for house building, bad for everyone else, so a lot has been done!

Here are pictures from the framing of the foundation.

We went out a few days later and they had done the plumbing and electrical!

I woke up super early on our first cold morning and watched the concrete get poured!! I could barley sleep the night before, I was so excited! Today our property went from a lot to a home! And it is so wonderful to say home now! It makes it so much more real!!

On our way out of town to Colorado before Thanksgiving we stopped to see the dried foundation! Michael had not seen it yet so he was very excited! It was so smooth and looked great! We can just picture what our stained concrete will look like!

The morning after we got home from Colorado we could not wait to go see the progress! It was so great to see how much had been done!

We walked into our home on Sunday! We were able to completely walk through each room and know exactly what it will be. Crazy to think we made about 40 different plans and finally decided on 1 and here it is! It is perfect for us!

I really wanted to go out and see the progress tonight, but Kurk Homes surprised me and added pictures of our house from today!! Lucky for Michael since I was bothering him like crazy to go out there tonight!

Tomorrow they start putting in the windows and Monday the roof goes on!! We are so excited for this step in our lives and are so glad we can share it with everyone!

I will do my best keeping everyone updated!

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  1. Such an exciting time! Glad you guys are loving the process as well!