Sunday, December 9, 2012

A LOT Happens in 2 Weeks!

It is hard to believe that 3 weeks ago we were looking at a concrete pad and now there is a house there! I feel like as if I do not go out every day I am going to miss something BIG! Luckily Michael brings me back to reality and I realize we can not always go out there every day.

We went out 3 times this week!! Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday! Just enough times to make me a happy camper! And there was a big change from the beginning of the week to yesterday.

I went out to meet with our construction manager on Tuesday since he had been out of town the past week and a half. They had started work on the roof, added all the windows, and started the siding!

On Thursday we spent 5 hours at the house!! We met with the stain concrete guy about how it will work and picking our colors and then we met with the electrician. Who would have thought picking where outlets will go, how many switches per plate, and if we want dimmers would take so much work?! We basically went wall by wall through every room and picked everything imaginable.
While we had these meetings the guys were working away! We had a huge rain storm after I left Tuesday that lasted all day so they were still working on the roof, the plumbing had been done, they were still working on the siding, and so many other things!

On Saturday, Michael's parents came out with us and they got to see all the progress! It had changed a bunch since they had seen it.

Oh, a good thing for us happened. When they were doing the roof they realized they had an issue with the back patio roof. Either we had to vault the ceiling or they could raise the roof 2 feet to solve the issue. We chose to raise the roof 2 feet and it looks GREAT!! We love the new look to the back of the house. And I LOVE all the windows!!

This week will be full of more good stuff inside! The electrician comes in on Tuesday, AC/duct work will be done and then its stained concrete time! We will have to do sampling and then once we pick the right combination of colors that will be the only thing going on until its dry.

Let's hope the next 2ish months go as fast as these 2 weeks did :]

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