Thursday, January 10, 2013

House Update!

I can not believe how much has happened in the past month! Every time we go out to the house we get more and more excited as the move in day gets closer!

Let's do a recap from the last post!

Michael and I did a walk through with the electrician one morning that turned into a lot more work than I expected. We went room by room deciding where to put the outlets, what switches go on the plates, what type of lights we wanted and where, and like a trillion other things that I didn't realize take so much thought. About a week after this meeting, all the electrical was run through the house. At the same time the AC and water were run through the house. It looked like a giant octopus in the ceiling!

At the beginning of the next week, insulation was run through the house.

We then had a stained concrete meeting that did not go as planned. Michael and I really wanted stained concrete, but with some errors to our floors, this was not what I wanted anymore. Since this was the week before Christmas and we were trying to make a decision on what to do next, we were at a stand still through the holidays.

When the holidays were over and the new flooring decision was made it was time for drywall! We went out on Sunday after church and were so excited to see the house! Everyone was right, it does look a lot better once the drywall goes up!

Today I had a meeting with our construction manager at the house and loved seeing the next step in the drywall! Everything was taped and floated, so much cleaner looking. Sadly we have had a TON of rain the past few days so it is really humid here so the drywall is taking a little longer than normal to dry. Today I picked the locations and set up of the shelves and beams in the closets, pantry, and utility room.

The next week should include texturing the drywall, trim, stone work, paint, and cabinets being installed!! YAY!! So so so excited!!

Updates of the outside of the house! The pillars in the front and back will be wrapped up to waist height with white limestone.

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