Friday, April 19, 2013

Home Sweet Home!! The Backyard!!

And the Neisch's are back to normalcy!


We have been living in our little piece of paradise for a month! It is crazy how long a month seemed two months ago and how fast a month goes by now.

Home Sweet Home!

During this past month we have been BUSY! Busy mostly in our yard and sadly it does not look like there has been much going out there, but there has! We are living on an acre and a quarter that had been COVERED in trees before we built our house, so needless to say there is a lot to do to turn a forest into a yard. But slowly it will happen.

We have brought in a bunch of new dirt to help get the grass to grow. Talk about country living, we used a friends tractor and brought in 3 loads of dirt on Easter weekend. We then brought in a pallet and a half of grass and put that along the back patio. We needed this fast because the dirt was making its way from the outside, to the dogs feet, into our house. I was sweeping 3 times a day and I could still feel the dirt on my feet. And there is nothing worse than that feeling when you are walking through the house. We also decided to seed in the back and front yard and we are finally seeing some pop up! YAY!! We bought a bunch of herbs, vegetables, and flowers and went to work! I saw this idea on Pinterest to do with the herbs and couldn't wait to do it when we got home.

We made 2 of these!

Michael also built a raised garden that we just planted the vegetables in this week! We had to wait to plant until we decided what we would put around it to keep the deer out. We really did not want a fence and found the perfect thing! It has been tested on both of us and the dogs multiple times. It is a sensor water sprayer. The sprayer works great. If something comes in the vicinity of the garden, it turns on and and will spook the deer. It will continue to go off in 10 second intervals if they come back. Thank you Amazon! Now if the summer can get here, we will have a yummy vegetable garden to eat from! We have tomato plants (6 different varieties), bell peppers (red, orange, yellow and green), serrano pepper, jalapeno, banana pepper, zucchini and cucumber.

1 more tomato plant to add!

Way better than a fence!

We, really I mean Michael, have been cutting down yaupon and vines and dead trees and adding them to multiple burn piles in the back yard. Everytime we want to burn, it is a little too wet and we are not able to. We are hoping this is not the case this weekend so we can get some of the piles burned.

Normal, right?!

One of my favorite things right now is the bird feeder. Since moving into the house my routine in the morning has changed, and I LOVE it! Michael wakes up, gets ready and heads into work early. Once he leaves, I go back to bed (or try to) till about 6:57 when the birds on schedule start chirping! So no, I do not wake up to an alarm, I wake up to birds chirping, loudly. This sounds like a beautiful thing, and it should be, but it was getting frustrating so we found one of the bird feeders and put it up. Now the birds are not nearly as loud and not as early which makes waking up at 7:20 on my own and opening up the blinds and looking at the beautiful cardinals and blue jays so much more peaceful!

Our first big purchase for the house was a patio set. We are loving sitting outside in the evenings, eating dinner and letting the dogs wander. It is so peaceful to sit out back and only hear the wind in the trees and the birds chirping. We have seen lots of deer in the front and back yard when we are inside but nothing while we are both outside. There is not much grass (only by the back patio) so there is not much to interest them in our yard yet. 

 Where we seeded the grass it is starting to come up!! I can not tell you my excitement!!

And one of the red bud trees we planted in the front yard! Can we fast forward about 8 years to see how beautiful it will look in the front of our house please?!