Monday, August 29, 2011

One Year Ago!

One year and one day ago I started a new chapter of my life with my best friend. We became man and wife!

I can not believe a year has already flown by! It was just yesterday it seems that we were getting everything put together and all set up. The time leading up to the wedding went fast, but the time since has gone even faster.

Since we have gotten married we have added to our family - Bella, our female chocolate lab, I got a job, and Michael started his graduate research. May not seem like a lot to you guys but this is a lot and in the right direction.

For our anniversary Michael and I went back to Salado and stayed at the same Bed & Breakfast we stayed at on our wedding night, the actual cabin this time though. There was a mix up on our wedding night and the people who stayed in the cabin the night before turned the temperature all the way down and froze the pipes. So yeah, no fun, but we were able to stay in a room that night and were able to come back another time.

We had a wonderful time walking around the town, looking at the many beautiful things in small shops that hopefully one day we can afford/have a place to put, and eating some of the best food we have ever eaten! It was a great weekend! We were able to see some friends that we have not seen in a while which made our fun weekend even better!

God has blessed us with so many things in our lives and I am so glad He brought Michael and I together. We can not wait for what He has in store for us for our future. We talk about where we will live, what kind of job Michael will find once he graduates, when will we have kids, how many will we have and so on but we have to know we just have to trust Him! God has a plan for our lives and we are so excited for what he has in store for us! We are so excited for what God has in store for the many more years of our marriage!

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