Monday, April 2, 2012

The Best BBQ Out There

We found another hole in the wall that is AMAZING! Fargo’s Pit BBQ is a little gem in Bryan, Texas! There is no website to look at, but that just means you have to go there and try it for yourselves!

Michael and I have been wanting to try this place for a few weeks and finally did this weekend. If only we had tried it a few weeks back so we could have been back a trillion times! Michael’s parents were in town so why not try it with them and we are so glad we did.

Fargo’s is a pick up only restaurant. There are no tables for you to sit at, just a few chairs to sit in if the wait is long. When we got out of the car the smell of the BBQ smoke filled the air and I could not wait to go inside. Once we were reading the menu I wanted to order everything, but luckily the men knew how to order. We got our food and tried really hard not to dig in while we drove back to the house so we could enjoy it. 

The food was DELICIOUS! The BBQ was tender, fall off the bone, moist, what all BBQ strives to be. The sauce was perfect, not to thin, not too thick, not too smokey, and not too sweet – just the right flavor where no words can actually describe it. The sides helped make the meal perfect! The mac n cheese was creamy, the potato salad was fresh and chunky (even Michael liked it so that means a lot), and the baked beans were the best anyone had ever tasted.

Fargo’s is not even 2 miles from my work so I know we will have many more trips there!

Thank you to this blog post that pushed us to try Fargo's!

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