Monday, September 5, 2011

The Best Time of the Year!

Thank goodness it is College Football season! Michael and I LOVE this time of the year! We are not interested really in pro football so we have been longing for college football to start.

Michael and I both went to Texas A&M and we are both proud to be Fightin' Texas Aggies!! For those of you not familiar with Texas A&M, the student body is considered the 12th man, as any of us would be willing at any time to step on the field and play for our team! (But that will never have to happen as we have an amazing team with more players then ever to keep the team going). The 12th man stands the entire game like the football players do on the field to show our dedication to the team. This may sound crazy to someone who is not an Aggie, but this is normal!

This year we have season tickets with Michael's parents as I am no longer a student and Michael is a grad student. So this year we will not be standing the entire game which will be a nice change! Also the best part of season tickets we will not be sitting in the direct sunlight as we are on a different side of the stadium (the student side is directly in sunlight).

Since we got the tickets in May all I wanted was to fast forward to September! And luckily it is here now and we have 6 more home games to attend!!

If you have never been to a home A&M football game there are no words to describe it. Maroon is EVERYWHERE! Everyone is happy and excited for a great game! Tailgating is on every corner and there are about a trillion people all over campus! It is amazing!

When we got to our seats I had never seen the student side in action before! Words can not explain how awesome it was! There were so loud and their side was completely full! The game was sold out and was the 6th biggest crowd in school history and the biggest crowd for a season opener.

The game was great! A&M took the lead after the 2nd play when they intercepted the ball from SMU and that was just the beginning. A&M ended up winning the game 46 to 14 and the Texas A&M fans were ecstatic for what this season has in store!

Besides the Texas A&M game on Sunday evening, we watched many games this weekend or at least a lot of most games. It was a great first weekend of college football and I can not wait for what this season has in store!!

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