Sunday, September 11, 2011

Grandma and Grandpa's 60th Wedding Anniversary

This weekend we went to Fredericksburg with Michael's dad's side of the family to celebrate his grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary! How amazing is it to say they have spent 60 wonderful years with the same person. Sadly this does not happen anymore for most couples, but Michael and I just pray we are able to celebrate our 60th wedding anniversary with our family in 59 years!

Sadly most of Michael's dad's side of the family lives out of town so we do not get to see them much, so when we do we try to spend as much time with them as possible.

We got to Fredericksburg on Friday early evening and went right to dinner with everyone. We ate at a great restaurant, Bejas Grill, and spent the evening catching up with his family. We then went to a great musical that all the parents loved! It was full of music that reminded them of when they were in highschool. The next time you are in Fredericksburg and are looking for something fun to do and love music from the 50s-80s, check out The Rockbox Theater.

Saturday we all ate breakfast at the Bed and Breakfast and spent the day walking around town, doing a few wine tastings, and visiting Becker Winery (no wine tasting for me here, but for Michael's Dad and sister). We then went back to the Bed and Breakfast and spent some more family time and got ready for an amazing dinner at Cabernet Grill. Everyone ordered the most amazing food and was completely stuffed, then a delecious marble cake came out that we all couldn't help but add to our full bellies. Afterwards Michael, Michael's sister, brother, and I went to the local brewery and sadly watched Texas win by 1 point, booo :[ But when we got back to the Bed and Breakfast we joined everyone to watch the nail biting Michigan vs Notre Dame game. So glad we did not stop watching!! We were/are so happy to see Michigan WIN! It was an anniversary present from Michigan to Grandma and Grandpa!

Today, Sunday, we all ate breakfast together and then headed our separate ways. Back to Dallas, Colorado, Georgia, Waco, Houston, and College Station. It was great to have all Michael's dad's siblings and some of the grandchildren come celebrate their parents 60th Anniversary with them. It was such a wonderful weekend to spend with great family! Now we can't wait for the next family get together to see everyone again!

Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa! We love you both so much and hope we can follow in your footsteps!

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