Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Puppy Christmas

Christmas came early for our little brownies! For the past couple of days presents had been coming in and Bella and Samson would watch us open the boxes and put their presents in our closet to keep from them. The pups knew where their gifts were so we gave in and let Christmas come early for them!

Here are all their new toys!

We use PetCareRX as our website to order our dog food. Each time we make an order we receive extra points that we can use on anything. So first the dog food is cheaper than in store, it is free shipping to our door, we do not have to go to the store to get it, and we get free points to use on anything we want from each order. So we used our points and got them new toys. We were able to throw out some of the old dog toys Bella has ruined and replace them with new ones without her noticing. 

After we took the picture we put all the toys in a box and put the box on the floor. Bella and Samson went crazy pulling out the toys and throwing them around. It was so funny watching them play with their new toys. Every toy Samson put in his mouth Bella ran over and snatched for herself.

Not to long ago when we were trying to leave Bella out of her crate when we were not home, she decided to eat her food bowl. (Needless to say, she stays in her crate now when we are not here) Since the bowl was still useable we continued using it till today. We replaced her bowl with another one just like it. She uses a bowl that helps slow her eating because she without it she literally scarfs down her food without chewing. This bowl makes it more difficult for her to eat since it has sections that separate the food. 

First thing this morning Bella took out almost every new toy they got and played up and down the hall with them. And poor Samson, every time he wants to play with a new toy, Bella runs over and snatches it from him. 

Bella is already on her way to tearing apart some of the new toys. The santa hat is already off one of the squeaky long Christmas dogs and not too much longer till the stuffing is out of them. Her favorite thing to do once the stuffing is out is to throw them up in the air like a crazy dog and go nuts!

Right now they are playing tug of war with the cute giraffe enjoying their early Christmas presents. We sure do love these sweet little pups of ours!

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  1. So cute! The picture with Bella hoarding all the toys and Samson sitting in the background looking pitiful is precious - mine...all mine!!!

    Merry Christmas!!