Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Breckenridge in the Winter!

January finally came! If you can remember from an earlier post I could not wait for it to get here! And now I can say February please get here! Details to come later!

View out our bedroom window

Breckenridge in the winter is beautiful! I thought it was perfect in the summer, but in the winter it is just as perfect! Snow covered mountains, the whole town is lit up, snow sculptures outside little shops, and everyone bundled up in warm clothes. I love wearing lots of warm clothes so this is where I belong!

Let me start by saying I have not been to snow in the winter since I was a little girl, and when we visited a place with snow we just made snow angels and snowmen. This trip was going to be the first time I ever skied! And let me tell you, I thought it was going to be way easier than it actually was.

Michael skied a good amount when he was younger so when he put his skis on, it was like riding a bike. He offered to take the beginner lesson with me the first day. As he was pulling out his eye lashes, I was snow plowing my way down the mountain as slow as possible. A few crashes, a few melt downs, a few words about how much I hate skiing and I was slowly getting better.

Us getting bundled up to start our day

The second day, I woke up and was super sore, but we went back out! We did a few greens (the easier routes) but Michael really wanted to do more difficult (fun in his words) ones. So we got on a lift I was told was going to greens but to my luck it wasn't. I had a complete melt down and once I finally got down the mountain (hours later) I had to take a break. Michael took me back out to greens later that afternoon to build up my confidence, which worked. The lesson helped with the basics but with Michael teaching the next day was really helpful. The one piece of advice that Michael kept telling me that I did not want to listen to was the faster you are going the easier it is to turn. Craziness is what that advice is haha

It was so bright out and the sun reflecting off the snow made the picture turn out like this

A different day - all of us!
That evening Breckenridge was celebrating Ullr, a god of snow. It was complete craziness. They had a parade full of “floats”. People were handing out beer, some were throwing candy, lots of the girls were barley wearing clothes, and tons of cheering. I have never seen so many people obsessed with someone as much as people from Colorado and Tim Tebow. I do not watch pro football so I do not care one bit but people talk about it all the time, his jersey is everywhere, and lots of people are “Teebowing” at any given time.

Sleigh dogs in the parade


Yes they were skiing in the streets

They sure love the Broncos

That lady was so red! It was about 2* during the parade

It was 50th anniversary of Uller Fest  
The third day I could barely walk with being out of shape, snow plowing to stop myself all the way down, and falling all the time so we decided to take the day off. We wandered around town, went into Frisco (nearby town), just had a great day!

A pretty sunset

Lake Dhillion completely frozen over (in Frisco)

The next day we went back to skiing and I ventured onto a few blues with Michael. I was a little more confident so it was better. Still wasn't what I had hoped I would be feeling but I am glad Michael was able to get me out there. We went in to warm up at the base of the mountain  and about 10 minutes later we came out and Michael’s skis were GONE! We waited and they did not come back :[ the shop we rented from let us wait 3 weeks to see if they would get returned and today we got the call, Michael’s skis were returned, but not the poles. Sadly we owe just a little for those but it is way less than what we could have been paying. The shop brought Michael new skis to the mountain and him and his sister went and did some much more difficult slopes while I just enjoyed the cold weather and the beautiful scenery. That evening Michael and Julie and one of Julie’s friends went night skiing. I did not go so Michael would not have to babysit me yet again. He had a great time so I am glad I didn't go. I knew he needed some good ski time and if I would have gone I do not think that would have happened.

Night skiing

Before night skiing we did a chili cook off, part of Uller Fest. Chili in Colorado is not the same thing as chili in Texas. It was definitely fun and very filling. We tried some crazy things that I would probably never would have chosen to try. I ran into some old friends I have not seen since I was in high school swimming, so that was nice to see them even if it was for about 30 seconds.

One row of about six at the chili cook off

The last day we did not ski, which was okay with me. We got all packed up, had lunch at a great Italian restaurant, and enjoyed Breckenridge just a little more. 

Half a calzone from lunch - so yummy!!

One of the things that just amazed me was the little kids skiing or snowboarding on the mountain. No fear I tell you! An adult tells them to go, and they just go, no questions. They believe what you tell them so when they say you will be fine if you go down this huge mountain they do no question you and off they go. We saw so many cute little ones. We decided we will let our kids learn at an early age with a ski school. I just loved seeing them all over the mountain. It was like watching little ducks following their mom. ADORABLE!

Julie has been going  to Colorado most weekends for the past few years and she was telling us that this year at this time they are really behind on how much snow they should have. We got a good amount of snow when we were there so we had some great ski days luckily but she was right. There were mountains with almost no snow on them! Crazy!!


no snow :[

Even the side of the road is beautiful

I just love it!
And now what you have all been waiting for, WE ARE GOING BACK IN FEBRUARY!!! Yay! Colorado is our future home (someday no matter what) so we will go whenever we can!

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  1. Looks like a great vacation. How exciting that you get to go again next month!