Monday, January 30, 2012

Dream Home Ideas via Pinterest

Michael and I are big dreamers and can not wait to one day build a dream home. I have been spending lots of time looking a homes for sale all over the states we would be interested in living and love thinking of what we could change. We can not wait for Michael to graduate from grad school so we can buy (or maybe build) our first home!

A few months ago we went to the parade of homes event in the BCS where we went to homes that local builders had built or were in the process of building. We love the idea of building, but know this may not be the most reasonable option for our first home (we will see though). I guess it will also depend where we move to. If we move to Colorado this thought will be thrown out the door, but if we stay in Texas this may happen. 

Most people who know me, know I love Pinterest and I love finding pictures of beautiful rooms. The best part is to later show Michael and then talk about what we both would do if we could build this. 

Here are some pictures by rooms of things we love -


We know we want gas range no matter what! We love to cook and can not wait till we can have a really nice stove. We also do not like white or light oak wood. We perfer dark wood and we love seeing the grain show through. Stainless steel is the way to go if we were buying new appliances, but it is not a must (at least right now haha). We love stone in the kitchen and a nice island will have to be a must. We hate where we are now, we are cramped and run into each other like crazy. An island will be perfect to help solve space issues. And a nice stone on the counters is a must as well. We can not wait to have a dream kitchen. We have talked about if we buy a fixer upper, we will look at the kitchen size first to decide if we could gut it and build something to our liking. Sounds funny to some people, but we will spend most of our time in the kitchen and the living room so we want these rooms to be just the way we want them.

Laundry/Mud Room:

Having two labs who can not get enough of swimming or playing in the mud, we love the idea of one day having a mud room and laundry room mix. The image with the little dog bath is a great idea but Samson would never have that. As much as this dog loves swimming, he HATES HATES HATES bath time. I do love how bright that picture is with all the windows. I hang dry some of my clothes so having the rod above the washer and dryer is a great idea. I had never thought about having a slot to put the washer and dryer in where there was folding room on top, but that is genius! You wouldn't have to leave the room to fold the laundry. I really like storage and especially if that means you can put things away so you don't have to see everything sitting out all the time.

Master Bedroom:


Before I start with this, no matter what step in our life, we will always have a sleigh bed. I LOVE our bedroom set we have right now. We bought our bedroom set with wedding money and this was something I could not wait to get. It is dark wood (our favorite) and the sleigh bed is what I had dreamed of for years. So in all these bedroom pictures you have to imagine a sleigh bed. I love tray ceilings in bedrooms so this would be really nice. We both like the darker colors of paint in the bedroom, it makes it feel warm and cozy. Wood beams would be amazing and so would stone, talking of warm and cozy haha. I am not looking for a log cabin or anything, but something with texture would fit both of mine and Michael's styles. I think french doors would make the room perfect, but it just depends on where we live. I will have to say, the master bedroom is not something I have found lots of pictures of what I would say is my ideal thought, but I have an idea in my head that I have not been able to find in a picture yet.

Living area:

I have never had a window seat and after seeing many pictures and seeing one being built, we will someday want one in our home. I love how cozy they look and perfect use of space. I think one would be perfect in the living room. Imagine it snowing outside and you are bundled up with a mug of hot chocolate watching the snow fall on the mountains. Wow that would be beautiful! One day this will be us. When we live in Colorado there will be no need for air conditioning (only heat) so having a door that can be half open would be a nice treat! And dark hardwoods throughout the house is what I dream for. I know Michael loves carpet, but I am a wood girl and that is where my heart is.


Oh Bathrooms! I love long hot showers, but not baths! I think bath tubs are very pretty and look nice, but for me there are sort of a waste of space. I would much rather have a nice big tiled shower with a rain faucet shower head. When we have kids we will need a bath tub, but that could be in the other bathroom. I love lots of space so if the bathroom was big enough where the bath tub was not in the way I would not be against having one in the master bath. I also think long mirrors are a great touch to a bathroom. The fourth picture has heated floors which would something Michael would love. I think tile looks very pertty in a bathroom as well and if it could be tied all in together it would look beautiful. And like I said earlier I love storage so in a bathroom this will be a must. 


I love the thought of a wrap around porch! Sitting on rocking chairs, drinking lemonade, watching a sunset, and the pups sleeping next to us, that would be perfect! One day I hope we can have this!

The thought of buying or building a house for our future family just makes me smile. I can not wait till we get to experience this next step in our life together. I know these are all wishes and dreams and maybe one day they will come true. I am grateful for everything Michael and I have and will be grateful for everything we have in the future. I will be happy as long as there is love and a roof over our heads.

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