Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Diaper Cakes

This past weekend I went to two baby showers, one for a little girl and one for a little boy. They were both so fun!

I have not been to that many baby showers as my friends are now just starting to have babies. So the fun is just starting!! For both friends, they are due so soon and I can not wait to meet the little ones!

I was very surprised by the diaper cakes that were there! The first day was for the little girl and they had this adorable girl tricycle with a monkey driving! I had never thought about making a diaper cake look like a tricycle, but such a cute idea!

She also got another diaper cake as a gift from a friend that looked like what I would imagine a diaper cake to look like.

They are doing the nursery in a pink and green monkey/jungle theme, so that explains the monkeys. But aren't those just adorable!!

A few of my friends and myself through a shower for the same friend a few months back and she got a pink giraffe diaper cake then too (she has gotten a lot of diaper cakes so far - lucky girl).

Then the next day I went to the little boys shower and another cute tricycle!!

One day I hope I can be as creative as the people who made these adorable diaper cakes! It is so neat when people come up with new ways to to make traditional things.

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