Thursday, February 2, 2012

Neisch Dinners

Yay for Pinterest and making dinners a lot more yummy at the Neisch house!

I would say we make at least one new recipe a week and so far we have not been disappointed with what we have tried. We have been trying to mix it up and not repeat dinners that often, so luckily I have a huge bank to chose from on my food board.

I wish I was able to come up with a recipe on my own, but I just can't. I tried to think about what ingredients I could buy to make something new on my own, and I just kept thinking of ingredients that go into dishes I already know how to make.
So I thought I would share some of our new favorite recipes that are here to stay. We have altered almost all of them somewhat but I will attach the recipe so you all can try them too!

Toasted Raviolis -

We tried this one twice. The first time we fried them in oil and they were good but not what I was hoping for. Too greasy! So a few weeks later we tried them again and baked them in the oven. They are MUCH BETTER baked.

Penne with Chicken Pasta -

We really liked this! We both love broccoli and white sauce so this was a perfect meal.

Pesto Baked Potatoes -

I think Michael was a little unsure when I told him we would be making these for dinner, but he let me try making them and surprisingly really liked them. I loved how crispy the skin got when they were re-baked after they were stuffed. I can not believe all the years I skipped out eating potato skins.

Chicken Gyros -

If you have never had a gyro, you have to! They are delicious! When we get them when we are out, they are greasy and full of yumminess! When we made them at home they were not greasy at all, but still full of yumminess. This meal was very fresh and light! The only thing was the recipe made SO MUCH sauce, I have no idea why, just about 10 times the amount we needed. I should have realized it when I was making it, but I didn't. My bad. We made homemade naan as the bread and this will be made a lot more in the Neisch house!

Baked Manicotti and Fried Mozzarella -

OH MY GOSH! I can not believe it took us so long to make both of these! Michael and I loved cooking this meal. The manicotti was so cheesy and delicious, and the fried mozzarella sticks, no words to describe. I am getting hungry just thinking about how yummy this dinner was!

Lettuce Wraps -

We have made these about 3 times since we made it the first time! This is the fastest meal we make with lots of flavor! We actually ate this last night for dinner, we love these! (We alter this a bit and do not add the peanuts or water chestnuts.)

Queso Chicken Pasta -

This is the closest to a casserole that I have gotten Michael since we got married. Michael has this thing where he thinks he does not like casseroles, LAME is what this is haha. I love casseroles and I love how easy they are to make. This meal was so cheesy which means so yummy!!

Creamy Grilled Chicken Penne -

We made this tonight. The sauce on the pasta was so flavorful, but not over powering and the chicken was wonderful! The marinade on the chicken made the entire house smell great as it was cooking. This will be another recipe we make a lot. (We left out the capers from the recipe.)

I am a lucky lady who has a husband who loves cooking with me and who is great at doing it.


  1. Love all of these, Mandy! I started following the budgetbytes blog for ideas on saving money. Hope you guys are doing well!

  2. All of those look delicious! We too have enjoyed adding more variety to what we cook, thanks to Pinterest.