Saturday, February 4, 2012

Morning of Pampering

It has taken about 7 months, but I am starting to cash in on my birthday present from Michael.

My birthday was on July 7th and Michael's gift to me was a day at the spa. He bought a spa package, but it can be separated and used at different times, which is good for me since we normally have busy weekends. I have been wanting to go to the spa since football season ended, but for some reason our weekends have been too busy for me to plan some time, until today.

I had an hour massage that started my day off perfect. Thank you Michael for knowing me so well and getting me the perfect gift!

I have had different spa experiences and this one was one of the bests. The Boardwalk Spa is located off a quiet road, very nice people, relaxing soft music, and smelt like violet and eucalyptus. Exactly how a spa should be!

I have enough left on my gift card for two more trips back to the spa, so I can not wait for the next few weekends where I can start them off like I did today.

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