Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Breckenridge in the Winter - part 2!

Oh Breckenridge, I can not wait to go back because Texas just does not do it for me!

We flew in on Saturday and spent most the day looking at snow, EVERYWHERE! I just can’t put it into words how much prettier Colorado is than Texas.

We woke up and the view of the mountain was beautiful!!

It was day one of skiing! Let me start by saying this was my 4th day of skiing ever! The first 3 days consisted of me crying every time I fell because I just did not understand why I couldn't ski and then I would cry just thinking about skiing. But day 4 was GREAT! I was not sure what was in store. Michael said he was going to ski with me, but I knew that did not mean greens so I had to step it up. Luckily this time I could. We went half way down a green and off to the blues we went. It was actually a little warm, sunny and just around 32*(warm haha). As the day went on Michael was a little bored and wanted to do a more skiing so he went off with his sister while I stayed with Michael’s dad! It had been a long time since the last time he had skied, but he was GREAT at it! Just like riding a bike he said. Michael's dad is really patient, so he spent some time helping me become more confident! Thank you so much!

Monday it snowed all day! When we woke up we could not even see the mountain.

Michael and I went to a yummy breakfast in town and then spent the whole day on the slopes! It was such a fun day! Very cold and windy but couldn’t complain one bit! We tried some new runs, I got a little more confident, and Michael was not as bored as the day before. (Michael  is more advanced than I am - I am not as confident going super fast down blues as he is, but I am getting there) 

Michael’s parents spent the early afternoon with a realtor looking at homes!! Maybe one day they will own a home in Breck! That evening we went to dinner in town and spent the evening hanging out and playing games!

Valentine’s day was beautiful! When we woke up and could see the mountain, but could see more snow on its way! 

We had yummy crepes for breakfast and then went off for the last day of skiing. We all went to peak 7 and loved the new terrain. It started snowing on our way to the mountain and continued for the next few hours. The slopes were pretty much empty which was perfect! Afterwards we went back to the condo, got cleaned up and left. We were able to go by and look at a house Michael's parents really like before leaving for Denver which was lots of fun!

Michael and I lucked out and got to ski for free for 2 of the 3 days! Because Michael’s parents are looking for a home, their realtor had free passes and we were able to use them! YAY!! That was a nice surprise when we got to town!

We had such a wonderful trip! Michael said it was the perfect amount of time. We only missed a few days of work, but were able to spend lots of time doing what we wanted. We are so happy we were invited to go back a 2nd time with his parents! Thank you so much for taking us with you guys! 

Here are some random pictures from the weekend:

Day 1

All of us

CRAZY SNOW on Monday!

Too cold to show our faces

3 of us :]

Michael loved the natural icicles

Ahhh! So beautiful!

Snowing on the mountain

Just perfect!

Colorado, we will be back soon!

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