Monday, March 5, 2012

Where have I been?!?!

Oh my! It is March! Time sure seems to be flying by and I can’t seem to stay on top of blogging. Hopefully that will change this month!

A little catch up time. Warning, this will be a wordy and not many pictures post.

We went back to Colorado over Valentines weekend! It was perfect. The snow was better than I could have imagined, I have to live here!!

We flew into Houston on Wednesday morning and got back to real life for two days before going back to Houston to watch my little sister swim at her conference meet. She did great!! She went a best time in everything she swam. It was so fun to watch her swim so well!

I also was a tag along with Michael and his brother to a fish store in downtown Houston. Michael has now gotten Andy into his hobby so we have many fish tanks in the Neisch households. I won’t lie, the fish store was actually a little fun!

The next weekend we went to Round Rock and spent time with friends. Michael’s best friends fiancé was playing a double header in softball so we found our way to Belton and spent the day going to Mary Hardin-Baylor sporting events and eating local food. It was a fun day and a great weekend. We also celebrated my mother’s birthday! Her birthday was actually this past Friday, but we celebrated it early. We used her new green egg and bar-b-q’ed an amazing prime rib. I think my mom is a professional prime rib cooker and this new way makes it a lot easier and a lot quicker for my mom. Sadly no pictures of the delicious dinner we had.

This past weekend was our first calm weekend in over a month! In the past month we have gotten like 20 inches of rain so the grass is green and growing like crazy!! Literally the dogs could be in the backyard and they would not be able to see each other. Bella loved this because she could sneak up on Samson and then bolt away. So Michael cut the front and backyard grass and the pups watched their jungle disappear. We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing and going to the lake! We met a great dane named Hank that was literally bigger than me at the lake on Sunday. He weighed more than me and would have towered over me if he stood on his two legs. Samson could care less about Hank, he just wanted his ball thrown over and over, but Bella pretended that she could take him. Hank seemed to love playing with the brownies so maybe we will see him again! It was such a nice relaxing weekend!

What is new with us:

Michael and I have started running together. I love it! The only bad thing is my stride is shorter than Michael's and he wants to run with me so I slow him down. Maybe as I get into better shape it won’t be as bad, but right now I know I am slowing him down. We are running in the mornings before work till daylight savings time this weekend and then we are switching to running in the evenings after work with the dogs. We have gone 3 times now and can already tell a little difference with the dogs being a little less crazy in the evenings, and we will take all the less crazy we can get, especially from Ms. Bella.

Michael started applying for jobs!!! When we got home from Colorado Michael started tweeking his resume to get it up to date and started the job search. The plan is (hopefully the plan is haha) finish his thesis research by April 22nd to turn in his results for a conference he is presenting at. Write his thesis and defend by June and walk in August. Once he finishes his research he can basically get a full time job since all he will have left is writing. We are hoping he can start a job at the beginning on June :]

We started a couples bible study with a mentor couple from our Sunday school class going through the book of Mark. We are loving it and loving getting to know some more couples!

We have making tons of new recipes thanks to Pinterest and loving all of them. Explains why we have to run now haha.

That is basically a quick overview of what has been going on in our lives.

I know I said it was going to be a wordy post so if you read this far, sorry about that.

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