Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Catch Up - AGAIN!

Oh blogging, why is it so difficult for me to blog these days?!?!! I think about blogging and that I am going to do it that night and then that night ends and the blogging dilemma continues. I will say that this ends now, but who knows what the next few nights will bring. 

What has been going on in our lives….

We started watching this new tv series, Frozen Planet. It is just like Planet Earth and completely fascinating! I love nature and it blows my mind what they are able to capture for us to see. The whole time I drive Michael crazy because I keep saying “How is this possible?!?”, “This is amazing!”, “I can’t believe they were able to film this” and tons more things that he just ignores. So if you have not seen an episode you should, it is a short series that will amaze you! 

We have been going to the lake most evenings with the pups! It has been in the mid to high 80s in the afternoons so we have only been walking with them instead of running. It has been nice to spend time (the 4 of us) chatting about our day and watching the dogs play and swim while walking along the levee/trails. The lake is 7 miles from our house so going to the lake in the evenings to un-wind is perfect! Then we come home and make a healthy dinner! We have changed our diet and are feeling much better and have a lot more energy. A great change!

Michael has been working like a crazy man to finish his research for his thesis. The third time is the charm and everything is working itself out. He has a deadline and will be done before it! YAY! I am so proud of him and how hard he is working! I am lucky to be this mans wife! He has been applying to a few more jobs and praying that one will work out for us. God has a plan for us and we are waiting for Him to show us what is next!

We got the new iPad and I LOVE IT! We had gotten a Kindle Fire but I did not like it and became pretty insistent that I wanted to get an iPad instead. So we sold the Fire and got what I always wanted! It is our first apple product besides my phone and it is all I ever wanted! The HD screen is amazing and playing Draw Something is easy with a big screen! 

This past weekend we went out shooting with our Sunday school class from church. It was lots of fun to spend time with great people and watch Michael kick some clay pigeon butt! The ranch we went to was about 20 miles outside College Station and the drive was beautiful! For those of you who have not seen Texas in the spring with wildflowers around every corner, you have to! It is beautiful!

We saw Hunger Games on Friday and we liked it! I did not read the book, of course, but Michael did. I am not addicted and will not be reading book 2, but I will watch the rest of the movies when they come out. 

Tonight is a pretty calm night around our house. It is storming outside which is my favorite type of weather! It makes all of us really sleepy and relaxed so this is what is going on at my house tonight.

Bella doing what she does best! And look at Samson in the back. Aww!

Can I help you?

No more pictures mom!

And more chewing!

Sleepy girl

I will try my best to keep up with blogging! I promise!

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