Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Country Living!

Right now Michael is backing up and setting up my new iPhone!! YAY!! I am so excited :] I had been eligible since July but wanted to wait till the new version came out. We tried going to AT&T stores but they were all sold out of 32g all over Houston?! How was it possible that the day they came out they were sold out everywhere and back ordered!!? Oh well! I have mine now and I can not wait to start using it tomorrow!! So that being said I do not have access to my pictures to post on here :[ so I will use ones I have uploaded.

New phone! Phone case comes in tomorrow!

With this new life I live in the country I have done a 180 and man do I love it!! Maybe it is the constant view of multiple deer roaming through our yard, or the endless amounts of bunnies and birds, but I just love country living! I could have sworn I was going to love the deer, but that is not the case. They may be cute, but they sure love to eat my flowers, birdseed, along with all the corn we feed them. And for portions of the year they are really aggressive. Poor Bella has learned, or well found out since it happened a few times I do not think she learned, that they will protect their young by kicking and chasing her around the yard/house. Many stories to go along with this, but those are for another day.

Eating the Birdseed
Where to next?!
Sweet little fawns!
Day old fawn that was left in the yard!!!!!

I may not like the deer, but Bella does not like them nearly as much. She used to be taunted by squirels, but now she has moved on to bigger and better things. She makes me nervous after seeing her get kicked a few times but I think it fuels her "hate fire" (Pitch Perfect anyone!?!?). Her and Samson watch their yard everyday and would live out back if I let them. I used to think that they were going to be so sad moving from Bryan and Houston and not having Lake Bryan to go to all the time, but with the pond down the street they swim in and having so much land to wander I do not feel that way anymore.

Enjoying their yard
Making sure no deer come in the yard
Play time - poor Samson is about to get it from Bella
Look at Samson all the way in the back sun bathing

And how does country living exist without one of these??!

Michael got this new toy a few weekends ago and I do not think love is a strong enough word. He is able to get rid of so much and so fast without much effort. The weekend he got it, the burn ban was lifted so I remember cleaning the house and looking out back and seeing a huge fire of things he had cut during the ban and then lots of little fires he set with his propane torch and just laughing knowing how happy he was!

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