Thursday, July 21, 2011

B/CS Restaurant Bucket List

Michael and I really enjoy going out to eat and we really like going to new places. As I have said earlier Michael has lived in College Station for 5 years and me for 4 years, so we have tried MANY places! We know there may be a possibility of us leaving this wonderful place in about a year, so we sat down and thought of some restaurants we have not been to that we want to make sure we go before we leave.

This list is actually written on my iphone so that when and if we pass a restaurant we want to add, we don't have to say we have to remember to write that on the list, because we would always forget. Perfect idea by Michael!

Our list is as follows:
La Bodega
Martins Bar-B-Q
Los Molcajetes
Koppe Bridge
Lakeside Icehouse Grill
Coco Loco
Pho John
40 Tempura
Top Of The Hill 
Cafe Eccel
J Cody's Bar-B-Q
Good Time Charlie's
Hullabaloo's Diner
Carter's Burgers

The list is in no particular order, we just write the name of the restaurant down as we think of it. So as of now we have 15 more restaurants we want to make sure we try in the next year. I will make sure I update you when we go so you can figure out if you are ever in the area if you want to try one of the local places!

I thought I would share my experiences at the restaurants on the list that we have already gone to.
La Bodega -- we really like this place. I can not believe it has taken us so long to eat here! We actually went on my birthday and really liked enjoyed our dinner. The salsa was great as well! It had a mango flavor to it, but it was very subtle. Michael said it was his favorite salsa in the area. We went again about 2 weeks later with some friends and I hope they liked it as well! And if you live in the B/CS we have our own groupon website just for us! Click here to sign up! Tons of great local deals and just last week La Bodgea was on there, buy $7 and get $14. Sounds like a deal to me!
Los Molcajetes -- I do not know if I would have ever gone if first, Michael did not tricked me and second, our good friends Cole and Chelsea told us they love this place. It is in a little strip center in Bryan and it was our little piece of Mexico in the B/CS. We absolutely love the street tacos we get in Mexico and we now have them here!! And we could not be happier. Tacos al pastor is where it's at! You have to try this place if you live here!
Top Of The Hill -- THE BEST BURGERS ANYWHERE! Click here to read my earlier blog post to get all the details!

I will keep you updated as we try these local favorites!

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