Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our Love Story

I thought I would tell everyone about how Michael and Mandy became "Michael and Mandy".

If you can even believe this, Michael and I met in middle school. He was the teacher aid in my 7th grade math class. We talked all the time and I really liked him, but Michael was in 8th grade and I guess the cool thing was not to date younger girls. So needless to say it did not start there.

Michael is actually the reason I swam in high school. He convinced me that I would love it and so the more I thought about it I decided I should do it. Luckily I did because one) I loved it and two) Michael swam as well.

My sophomore year I started liking him again and with lots of hanging out and having mutual friends it finally started. We started dating on April 23, 2005 and the rest is history. Here are a few pictures from the beginning of our relationship.
Dove hunting
Easter at Tom&Nancy's
Round Rock Dolphin Mid Summer Nights Scream
We were really lucky and were able to go on wonderful vacations together thanks to Michael's family. Thank you so much for all the wonderful experiences I have had with you guys! I am truly blessed to be part of this family! 
Here are a few pictures from some of the vacations I was able to go on with the Neisch family since 2006.
After Scuba Diving in Roatan
Roatan Sunset
HUGE fish I caught in Cozumel
Our first cruise!
Waiting for the ferry to get to St. John, we went to a beautiful beach!
So fast forward to January 31, 2010 and our high school sweetheart relationship became real. Michael had an entire day planned for us that I was not in the mood for. Let me start, it was 40 degrees, cloudy, and crazy windy but luckily no rain. I was in the mood for staying inside, wrapping up in a blanket and watching movies, but not Michael. He kept asking me over and over lets go out and do something, you can choose either we can go to Lake Bryan or Lick Creek Park your choice. I kept saying its cold don't you want to watch a movie and then he would ask me again. I finally gave up and picked Lick Creek Park because at least there we would be walking around so it would maybe be a little warmer. We bundled up with lots of layers and got Samson ready and we were off. The entire drive Michael would barley say anything to me which was not normal. We pulled up and I remember asking Michael who wants to take their phone and he said just leave them in the car. I thought that was weird but we both left our phones and were on our way for the 4 mile walk. The weird silence continued and it was frustrating to have a one way conversation but he finally said "can we sit down?" as we approached a bench a little more than halfway. I said "no" which he was not expecting, I so regret saying it now, but he said we had to, so we did. After just normal conversation it turned in to about us conversation and then I had a feeling but then I thought no way. Then he took my breath away when he got down on one knee. The only thing was we both had so many layers on it took him a few seconds to get the box out of his pocket. He continued with saying the sweetest things about us and how much he loves me and finally he asked! I couldn't wait to say "yes!!"!! After the ring was on my finger we got back up to continue on our walk down our favorite trail. I was in shock, awe, surprise, happiness, any happy emotion someone can have, I had. All I wanted to know was everything that was going on in Michael's head. He told me that earlier that week he had driven to Austin and had lunch with my Dad to ask for his permission and I had no idea he had even gone. Michael said he had looked at the weather for the past week and the next 10 days and there was rain in the forecast everyday except for that Saturday and he wanted to do it outside so today was the day. He had already called and made dinner reservations at our favorite local restaurant, Cafe Capri in downtown Bryan. Michael also said the reason he did not want any phones is because he wanted us to enjoy the 2 hours we were at the park to ourselves before telling anyone. So that means there are no pictures which is a good thing since I was in about 10 layers to keep warm.

Here is a picture of my ring that I took as soon as we got in the car and sent to a few close friends and family before I called.
The ring was designed by Michael. We had gone to a jeweler about 8 months prior just to talk and see what the process would be like. I never knew Michael had continued to go back and see Chuck (the jeweler). Michael and Chuck designed everything. Inside the band there are two rubies since we are both July birthdays. Those of you that do not know, I have really small hands so my band needed to be small enough so no engravings could be done inside the band, but the rubies make the ring so perfect! I love it! It is exactly what I had dreamed about! Michael did such a great job and knows me so well. No wonder I married this man, he knows me better than I know me! Back to the jeweler, Chuck, he is awesome and is in located in the B/CS. We used him for my wedding band and Michael's wedding band as well. If anyone wants his information let me know!

I will have to blog about all the details of planning our wedding another day, but we got engaged on January 31st and got married on August 28th. Just a mere 7 months, but it was plenty of time to plan our special day!
Here are a few pictures from our wedding!

I will blog later more about the wedding day, the 7 months leading up to it, and more fun details that made August 28, 2010 the best day of my life!

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  1. Such a great story of how you came to be Mr. and Mrs. Neisch.

    Just wish we lived closer... but so happy you invited us to share your special day.

    Love you lots!