Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Bellanator

For those of you who do not know Bella is the complete opposite of Samson. We never had a single issue with Samson. He has been great! Potty trained within a month, crate trained so fast I can not remember, staying out of his crate when we would leave by 4.5 months, you name it he was doing it already. So we thought when we got Bella it would be similar but NOT! She is her own little spit fire! But she makes it fun :] At least she does not touch what is not hers. We are very lucky about that. I think it is because she has so so so many toys and she has Samson to bite on whenever she wants.

So the other day we added a new craziness to the Bella list.

Let me start at the beginning with how it started.
So this used to be the worst thing she did.
She would pull out all her and Samson's toys about 6 times a day. Lately she has been putting some of the toys back up which is AMAZING! She will be ready for a new toy and I guess forgets to put it down so in order to get the new toy out of the bucket she drops it back in the bucket to get it. A step in the right direction.

Then she progressed to doing this
If you notice in behind the bent bars is a piece of carboard. This had to go between her crate and our quilt because she pulled our quilt into her crate and nawed a little whole on the side! Since we have started putting cardboard between the crate and quilt she eats the cardboard and you can see the little bite marks in this picture. But to the main point Bella bent those bars!! We thought that was bad and then we came home the other night to find this.
We did not pull out this black part, she pushed it out.... did this happen?!?!! Look at the bottom of her crate. Here are more pictures of the damage.

Somehow the bottom black thing got pushed out and her quilt got pushed into a ball on the side that she slept on until we came home
She was howling at Michael to get her out, she is a very talkative puppy
She was going crazy wanting to get out of the crate once we got home, but she did so much to the crate she was literally stuck inside. For those of you who have not been lucky enough to see Bella at the time she is let out of her crate, she is crazy! She is bouncing up and down like a monkey and once the door opens she bolts out like a little rocket (to check the food bowls haha). So back to the crate, Michael had to pull out the pliers to get it to open. And while the pliers were out she was trying to snatch them out of Michael's hands..
Once she was out, she of course ran and checked the food bowls, and then came running back to the bedroom to see the damage. Here is a picture of the bottom of the crate once the door was open but before we remangled the bars to look normal.
So we keep asking the same question, how did a 45pound 8 month old chocolate lab do this to her metal crate?

Today we came home after being out for about an hour and we walk into our bedroom to let miss Bella out and it happened again. The only thing we can think of is when we left today we were going to swim so we got dressed and put on bathing suits, sorta like going to the lake, so when we were leaving she was barking (normally this never happens). So we think that was the cause today but we have no idea why she did it the first time. Your guess is as good as ours.

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