Saturday, July 16, 2011


We have two chocolate labs that I introduced in an earlier blog, Samson and Bella, and they are swim-aholics! Lucky for us we live about 8 minutes from Lake Bryan and are able to take them to get their fix about 4 to 5 times a week.

This is how it all started. For Samson he was not introduced to the Lake Bryan till he was about 5 months old. He swam at other places, but they did not compare to what he does at Lake Bryan. Here is a picture from one of his first trips to the lake.
He will fetch anything you throw for him or he will just take himself for a swim because he can! Here are a few of my favorites
And here is how it started for Bella. Because of Samson and his addiction we had to start taking Bella to the lake at a much younger age. We got Bella at the end of January so it was still really cold, but we wanted to start her at an early age. Her first trip was at the beginning of Feburary. Samson of course was in the water as soon as we opened the car door, but Bella was not to sure about it. I will give her the fact that the water was FREEZING!! Here is a picture from her first trip to the lake.
From the time this picture was taken she is a completely different dog. She wouldn't even put her paw in the water in the picture above, but now we can't keep her out. It did take some time though. This is what the next few trips to the lake were like for Bella in the picture below.
But now here is the Bella Bot she is today. Just a few favorites of her.
So today, like we do every Saturday, was lake day! If only I could explain the trip to the lake. As soon as Michael or I put on our Keen's and either spell or say LAKE the dogs freak and are waiting by the door. They whine the entire way to the lake and start freaking out as we make the right hand turn onto the property. It is madness in the car until we open the door and BELLA flies out so she can beat Samson into the water. Today we went to a part of the lake we haven't been to in a while. It is where we used to always take Samson, but since the water had rose it had all been under water. It was nice to go back to our favorite place and let the dogs be dogs. Here are some pictures of today's trip, enjoy!
And then the best part about them going to the lake, they are exhausted the rest of the day and most of the next. All I can say is it makes cooking dinner much easier when they are not stuck to your hip trying to help you.

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