Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Costume Ideas...

With Halloween just around the corner, Michael and I have been trying to figure out what Bella will be for her first dress up experience. Both dogs LOVE squirels so I thought this would be a great idea, but when we were at Target there were so many choices.


The squirrel costume is what I thought we would be getting for Bella, but now I am not sure. The two arms holding the acorn in the front are stuck together and I do not think this will be a good idea with Bella. But still, I love this!

I LOVE THIS! Michael, not so much. I think this would be perfect for Bella.

I remember last year when we were looking for Samson's costume I thought the submarine was adorable and I still think so. I think I will get voted out on this one as well, but we will see.

And the bumble bee! I love the little wings and the antennas! Bella would make a cute bumble bee!!

We have 12 days to get a costume so we better get to making a decision!

And our other sweetheart will be a turtle again! Here are a few pictures of Samson last year. He hated the costume at first so after about 30 treats he came out from under the table and let me take his picture. He then spent the rest of the evening sitting right by my side looking adorable as all the kids came to our door for candy!


Our house will actually be crazy on Halloween! We will have our two brownies plus Samson's brother, Jake, will be here. We will have 3 brownies with a constant doorbell ringing and little kids at our door.

It will be an adventure :]

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