Friday, October 28, 2011

The Flying Bella

Since we got Bella we knew she had a little jumping bean inside her, we just did not know how to get it out of her. Luckily we figured it out!!

Last weekend we found a new place to walk the dogs at Lake Bryan. Since the water level is so far down there is a part of the lake that is normally underwater and the dogs loved exploring it! We got far back to where the little coves are (which are very deep) and Bella became a new kind of lake dog!

Meet the Bella we have been waiting for, The Flying Bella!


We had so much fun watching her literally just fly through the air! She is so springy and we have been waiting for her to finally do this and now we know she does!

Here is a video of her in action!

If you want to have a lake play date, let us know :]

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