Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tasty Thursday!

We started a tradition at work that makes us look forward to Thursday! I blogged earlier about Tasty Thursday and some of the things I have made here and here, and today I am catching up on some of the things I have made lately.

We decided that Tasty Thursday was a little much for every Thursday, so we have changed it to every other Thursday and we have had a great turn out since then! We also changed the idea behind it and Tasty Thursday is now like Iron Chef when you have to use a certain ingredient in order to participate. It is nothing crazy like beets or oysters, but more normal ingredients.

Here are the past three things I have made for Tasty Thursday!

The ingredient was Chocolate so there were so many idea but I wanted to try something new. Thanks to Pinterest I made chocolate chip cookie dough brownies that were DELICIOUS!! I will blog later about how they are made, but I never would have guessed making homemade brownies would be so easy. On top of the brownies was no bake cookie dough (no eggs) with chocolate sauce drizzled on top. Here is the recipe!


Two weeks later the ingredient was cinnamon and I made snickerdoodle blondies. They did not turn out like cookies like I thought would, I actually had no idea what to expect, but it turned out like a coffee cake. Click here for the recipe.

On a side note about cinnamon: Earlier in the week I had made snickerdoodles for Michael (his favorite cookie) and it was a recipe for Pinterest, who would have guessed. I had not been happy with the recipe I had been using so I was ready for a new one. My old recipe used shortening and the new one used melted butter and dark brown sugar. The cookies were soft for a week and were so good! I will be making more of these soon! Oh and dark brown sugar is the way to go, from now on its the only kind of brown sugar I am going to use. Here is my new recipe for snickerdoodles.

Today our ingredient was pumpkin (in the spirit of halloween and fall). I have been searching Pinterest for recipes and found one, pumpkin spice doughnut holes. These are baked and not fried, which is GREAT! They were so easy to make and yummy! They did not turn out as circles though, I am not sure how they could have, but as they looked little muffin likes. When I rolled them in the cinnamon sugar they sorta looked like circles. Such an easy recipe you all should try, click here for it.

In two weeks our ingredient will be strawberries!

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