Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Puppies!

We came to a decision! If you did not read my earlier blog about what Bella should be for Halloween, click here to catch up. Michael and I could not decide on what she should be, then we heard that PetsMart had their pet costumes 75% off. When we got there we found it, and it was only $4.25 which made it even better!!

Here is Bella on her first Halloween!


We decided on the chicken! We thought the orange legs and the beak were perfect! Also how cute is it that there is a part for her ears to stick out! She was a little curious about the legs but gave up on trying to eat them shortly after.

Here are the brownies all dressed up!! Enjoy :]

The only candies they got were doggie treats so they did not push their way out the door to greet all the cute kids!

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