Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Weekend in College Station

I have never blogged about activities that take place on the weekends we stay in town and I think this weekend was one worth sharing about!

On both Saturday and Sunday morning we took the pups to the lake to drain some energy! They loved it and so did we!

Bella and Jake

Samson -- "throw my ball!"

On Saturday Michael's sister Julie got into town and we went right to campus for a breakfast tailgate! We met up with some friends and went to the game. It was very cool in the morning, 34 degrees when we were at the lake, and it was only 2 and a half hours later so we had all dressed warm and stripped off layers and had them under our seats. We basically had a whole wardrobe under us. Sadly out of all of us, I got super burned and now I look ridiculous!

Our group!


Aggie Band -- the best part of the game

After the game we went to Casa Rodriguez for dinner (delicious) and came home and carved pumpkins. Thanks to Pinterest I got a new idea for carving our pumpkins this time!! We used a drill to make the holes which was so easy and super fast! Here they are

On Sunday we went to the Renaissance Festival, it was our first and last time to ever go. We have been told by many people how much they love it, but we did not agree one bit. We knew there would be some people dressed up, but I had no idea that about 50% of the people would be! When we first got there Julie went to meet up with some friends, so Michael and I wandered in and went to the Birds of Prey show, the best thing we did. I learned a few new things, Michael already knew them. Later we ate some yummy food, watched a few more shows, and did so much people watching. There were so many costumes that at first I felt bad taking photos, but then I realized they want their pictures taken. Sadly I missed some of the best ones from the beginning, but I got some others later on during the day. In the end we are glad we went to be able to say we went and experienced it, but do not care to go back. If you have never been it is something to see. We were shocked by how many people get into character and what people chose to wear out in public. Here are just a few pictures from the day.

King Vulture

WHAT in the world!?!??!!

Julie shooting an arrow

His job was to stand there and have tomatoes thrown at him all while he made crude jokes at the people throwing them at him

Good gracious!!

Men dressed up like this EVERYWHERE!

How does this fit in?

All of us at the end of the day! It was so bright, lucky Michael had his sunglasses on

This weekend flew by, but that is how all weekends are. We are so glad we were able to spend time with Julie since she is normally going somewhere fun every weekend!

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