Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hi, my name is Jake!

And two chocolates become three, for a month.

I wanted to write and two become three, but I did not want people to think we were pregnant, so I had to add a little more detail. 

Michael's parents are going on a cruise for 18 days so we are are dog sitting one of their two puppies! We will have Jake for about a month, so our little 900sq ft duplex is going to be very cozy for a little while!

We are considering this a fat camp for Jake so Michael and I are going to do our best to slim him down and we are wasting no time! To exercise and get them a little sleepy, we took them to the lake and they had a great time. Here are a few pictures from tonight:


This is our crazy Bella



B-Bot doing what she loves!

Bella loved having Jake chase her

Sprinting dogs!


Jake and Bella working together, haha NOT


Handsome Samson!

After about 50 minutes Jake was exhausted and Bella was starving, who would have guessed, so we came home and all three pups ate and have been super calm. Thank goodness! 

We will see how the first night goes as Jake loves his crate and Bella loves Jake. Michael sent me this picture when I was at tonight may be interesting.

That is Bella attacking Jake in his crate!

 I am figuring I will have a lot to post about with three crazy labs living with us!

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